Language Classes

Language Classes:

We offer two series of classes: B classes for students from families where Chinese is used frequently, and C classes for those from families whose main language is not Chinese. All classes are 2 hours long except the AP class (3 hours). 

B classes: the letter A or P in the class name suffix stands for Morning (A) or Afternoon (P) classes.

    KA/KP: Chinese classes for kindergartners. 

         * 学生必须截至入学当年12月1日之前年满5周岁。

         * The student must be five years of age on or before December 1st in the year of registration).

    B1A/P - B9A/P: Chinese classes for grade 1-9

        * 选择适合的B班年级时,我们强烈推荐学生通过马立平中文网站(链接)进行自测,以此作为参考。

        * We strongly recommend students to use this link for a self-evaluation when deciding an appropriate B class.

    AP: Chinese class specifically designed for high school students in preparation for the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam. AP Class is 3 hours long in the afternoon.

        * 报名AP班的学生,要求已经通过HSK4级考试,并且是美国高中一年级及以上学生。请参看汉网 HSK样题。 开学初,AP班将会有一次摸底测验,以方便老师安排课程。

        * To  enroll in the AP class, the student must have passed the HSK Level 4 exam and be a high school student in the fall. Please check out the sample HSK tests here. At the beginning of the school year, there will be a preliminary test for the AP class to help the teacher organize the syllabus.

        ** 美国高中一年级及以上学生,通过HSK四级考试合格,在本校九年级学习者顺延升级。其他美国高中高中一年级及以上学生在开学前申请参加摸底考试,成绩合格者,允许进入AP班;成绩不合格者请听从学校安排,按照本人实际水平就读相应年级。

        ** Applicants who are high school students but have not finished B9 in the previous school year are required to take the AP placement test before school starts. Those who pass the test may enroll in the AP class; others are advised to transfer to classes of appropriate levels.

C classes: bilingual classes for students with less prior knowledge in Chinese culture and language.

            * Please check out the vocabulary list for Chinese Made Easy (CME) for Kids (Book 1-4) , and the vocabulary lists for Integrated Chinese Vol. 1 (Part 1, Part2) .


B Classes


All B classes use MLP Chinese as textbooks. Please click the pictures below for details.

 学前班 (K)

一年级 (B1)

二年级 (B2)

三年级 (B3)

四年级 (B4)

五年级 (B5)

六年级 (B6)

七年级 (B7)

八年级 (B8)

九年级 (B9)

 AP (B10)

 AP (B10)

C Classes

        Classes of C-beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced use different levels of Chinese Made Easy for Kids as textbooks in the school year of 2020-21. Click the             pictures below for the list of vocabulary of CME for Kids.

        C-Adult-II uses Integrated Chinese Vol. 2.