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石溪中文学校 2023-2024 学年度的报名注册已经开始。

1. 在线注册表 

2. 语言班换班申请 

3. 兴趣班换班申请:


1. 注册开始日期: 2023-06-10

2. 早鸟优惠截止时间: 2023-07-01 5:00 PM

3. 开始分班时间: 2023-08-12 5:00 PM

4. 分班邮件发送日期: 2023-08-31

5. 新学期开学第一天: 2023-09-09


1. 在交清全部费用(学费+书本费+家长值班押金)并收到分班邮件之后,才算完成注册。

2. 在开始分班时间之前已经全额付款(学费+书本费+家长值班押金)的学生,将根据注册时得到的序号进行分班。上午(或下午)班级满员后,将只能尽量分配到同年级下午(或上午)班级。



Registration for the CCL at Stony Brook 2023-2024 has started.

1. Registration form: 

2. Request for language class change: 

3. Request for Enrichment class change:

Several important dates: 

1. Registration start: 2023-06-10

2. Early bird rate deadline: 2023-07-01 5:00 PM

3. Class initialization time:  2023-08-12 5:00 PM

4. Class placement email date: 2023-08-31

5. The first day of school:  2023-09-09

Please note:

1. The registration is completed after the full payment (tuition fee + book fee + parent-on-duty deposit) and receipt of the class placement email.

2. Students who have paid in full (tuition fee + book fee + parent-on-duty deposit) before the class initialization time will be assigned classes according to the registration number, on a first-come-first-served basis. After the morning (or afternoon) class is full, students will be assigned to the afternoon (or morning) class of the same grade with our best effort.

In order to make it easier to understand the registration process and system emails during the registration, we have created the following flow chart.

If you encounter any problems during the registration process, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email: